Thursday, 12 August 2010

Alvin Lucier-I Am Sitting In A Room (1970)

Alvin Lucier is an American Avant Garde composer. The man is also a genius. I Am Sitting In A Room is one recording of a few sentences explaining the album, it is played into the room until it becomes distorted and eventually is just a drone sound. The album was obviously pretty influential. Lucier recorded more albums which are also rather interesting but for me this is the best. Music On A Long Thin Wire experiments with what you can do with a single piece of 50 foot wire and a magnet, while Music For Solo Performer revolves around brain waves. I wasn't expecting much when I downloaded this, but I was shocked. This is what Avant Garde music should be like challenging,  interesing and completely original.

At first it's just a normal recording, Mr. Lucier explains the purpose of the experiment and how it works. Gradually the recording gets more distorted as it's played and eventually just becomes an ethereal drone.

I rate this album 5 stars because it's so different, there's not any other albums like this one.

Download it guys, and if you like it support the artist.



  1. This sounds so intriguing. I'm downloading it now. Has anyone else listened to it yet? I've listened to a bit of drone, but ultimately, it becomes background noises to me if I'm not completely focused on it. The fact that there are experiments involved is enough for me to check it out. Thanks, James!

  2. You know, I actually listened to this from start to finish. This is more like a scientific experiment presented as art.