Thursday, 12 August 2010

Stump-Complete Anthology (2008)

Stump were an interesting band. Part of the C86 scene, but not at the forefront. They didn't recieve much attention. The Anthology was long awaited as the band need as much love as they can get. Often called "The Irish Captain Beefheart" because of their random, crazy lyrics and unusual vocals. They are very underrated. The Anthology has 3 discs, the first consists of their first two EPs, the second is their only album release and finally the third disc is made up of unreleased songs from their later days.

The first disc starts with a bang, "Tupperware Stripper" is a fantastic song. Track 4 is probably Stump's most well known song, "Buffalo" is made up of statements spoken by American tourists, which the band heard in and around London. "How much is the chips? How much is the fish? How much is the fish? DOES THE FISH HAVE CHIPS?!" Mick Lynch screams down the mike giving the song an almost insane feel.

Disc 2 is the album "A Fierce Pancake", it's more Post-Punky as a whole and as usual the bass work is impeccable. Last time I checked Kev Hooper was #5 in my Top 10 bassists list.  This album is often called the spiritual succesor to XTC's Drums And Wires but I like it even more, this band are like XTC x1000. Andy Partridge's lyrics are like a watered down version of Stump's. Charlton Heston is the obvious standout here, the track is ridiculously catchy and I find myself singing it at least once a month.

But Disc 3 is the real standout here, it's outstanding quality considering none of this stuff was ever released. I'm 100% convinced that if this band had stayed together for another few months, they would be considered underground heroes. This stuff has a much larger Irish Folk influence with a few tracks having a more Irish feel as the band take influence from their homeland. After their relatively short career nothing went well for them with Kev Hooper releasing a couple of extremely obscure solo albums then releasing an even more obscure album with Glitch group Ticklish.

So yeah guys give this album a listen and think just what might of been if this band had stuck around.

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