Friday, 13 August 2010

Boyd Rice Presents: Music For Pussycats (2002)

Of all the people you would not expect to put together a happy and wonderful compilation of 60s girl pop would be Boyd Rice...but as he points out in the liner notes "this is the soundtrack of my life"...and what a soundtrack it is
This is the soundtrack of the hypnotic power of the siren.....these ladies will enthrall you and leave you begging for more....every track here is a fine example of 60s pop music...from the flirty playfulness of Please Don't Talk Top The Lifeguard by Diane Ray to the disturbing reality of the times with The Warrior by Honey Ltd and swinging right back into the groovy psychedelic sounds of The Love Exchange and their amazing song Swallow The Sun....
This is a great listen and a groovy testament to the times and the lovely ladies who graced it.

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