Monday, 16 August 2010

Zoinks! - Bad Move Space Cadet (1995)

Zoinks! was punk rock band from Reno Nevada which formed in 92/93 and played until 98....originally a three piece these guys play hundreds of shows is Reno and released a few 7 inches on Satans Pimp before signing to Dr Strange Records....this album is their first full length....this is 36 minutes of classic pop punk....and i mean good pop punk not watered down bullshit....being a little punk rocker in Reno during this time...these guys were in many ways my heros....and i saw them as often as i could...which was often!....i must have played this record smooth.....every track on this is classic....songs about love life and a healthy obsession with Uma Thurman....just expect good fun punk rock with no agenda....turn it up and let the good times roll
the sample in between songs are telephone call between the owner of a club called "The Fall Out Shelter" and a guy named Pete (who put on almost every show at the time) and Pete's zine called Enema...hiliarious

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  1. This brings back memories! Played a show with them in 96 in Orlando at a place called Spot Studios. They recorded 2 songs there that night after the show and they are on the Stranger Anxiety cd. Dude were cool as fuck, and it was my birthday and at the time I think Zoinks and Jawbreaker were my two favorite bands so I was stoked.