Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Brain Saw-Open Up (2006)

Hailing from Detroit MI...The Brain Saw were a short lived noise power group featuring members of Thrall, God Bullies, Inside Out!, and Queen Bee.....following in the steps of these great noise rock bands...The Brain Saw play scary, aggressive, noisy rock n roll that dwells deep inside the hearts and minds of misanthropic madmen and women.....they self released one Ep in 2006 and broke up shortly after due to the plummeting economy in Detroit

Open Up consists of five anthems that descend the listener into a world despondent, self loathing, sociopathic narcissism...all along keeping a sense of wit, fun and humor.....and with a great soundtrack consisting of great noisy feedback riddle rock n roll.....and blood...lots of blood

This is misanthropic rock.
"Everyone Else Can Fuck Themselves!"

enjoy this rare gem

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